We perform painting and blasting services for the maritime industry.
Our services

Surface protection services are implemented according to client specification and request, respecting the actual standards, using the most up-to date techniques and ensuring a high lifespan. The works are being structured and customized depending on the type of vessel and project – newbuilding or repair / refit.

Both painting and blasting services can be done to vessel structures as ballast tanks, fresh water tanks, special tanks, hull, superstructure, decks and compartments.

Painting Services

Upon the pre-treatment of the surfaces, these will be brought to any desired stage of conservation, in accordance to the exact client specification and project type. Depending on the preferred paint makers, there are certain particularities that must be followed in order to ensure a qualitative finite work and our painters are continuously trained to respect such technical aspects.

The HPC specialists are trained to work with different techniques, from the traditional painting applied with rollers and brushes to spray painting. According to the requirements and paint specification, layers are applied in a very accurate way and with a thickness ranging from 50 to 500 microns, leading to an evenly applied coating.

When it comes to special projects, our company is qualified to work with Inerta paint ( ice class vessels) and Mascoat paint ( anti-condense and thermic protection)

Blasting Services

Depending of each type of project, we can provide grit-blasting and shot blasting for steel surfaces, as well as corundum blasting for aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. These services are being done in our blasting halls and on vessel location, using our own equipment and respecting the international standard ISO 8501-1, the blasting process is done at different grades – SA1, SA2, SA2.5, SA3.

For special projects, hydro jet blasting can be also offered, applying water at very high pressure levels for removing foulants and built up materials.

Projects are carried out on a complete basis, ensuring the cleaning works with highly effective vacuum units.